Oct 7, 2015

I'm a Cize Instructor!

I took a HUGE leap of faith last weekend and did my Cize Instructor Training.

Never, ever did I even imagine ever teaching a group fitness class, but my coach mentioned that there was a training happening in Miami, and it was being done by Tania "The Machine" from the Insanity and T25 videos! And for real, I couldn't not meet Tania.

As luck would have it, of course, I got a cold the week of the training. I was planning on doing some extra Cize workouts to get ready for my training, but that was not in the cards. By Friday, I was able to get in a workout, and then Saturday was my training.

Tania was so nice and greeted me with a hug. We were all cramped into a little dance studio, but we made it work. The day started out with a master class by Tania, which was a huge, sweaty, fun dance party!

Then we got into the nitty-gritty of breaking down the class and how to teach it. It was so hot inside, that we did one of the last parts of the class outside. You know it's hot inside when a slight Miami breeze is refreshing.

Before we were done for the day though, we Cized it up! one more time. It was such a blast and the energy was so great.

So I'll be practicing and hopefully soon, will be sharing the fun that is Cize with others in the Miami area. EEK! I'm still kinda in shock about it, but it's so cool.

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