Jun 28, 2012

32 things to do in my 32nd year - Results

My birthday is tomorrow, so I thought I should update on last year's goals. Things change a lot over a year and a some of them didn't get done, but I may bring them over to this year's list or add some totally new ones.

1. Go to Paris - I have the trip all booked and ready. I leave on August 25th!

2. Put on my own craft show
After months and months of hard work and collaboration with my Handmade Miami girls, we had our indie craft show, The Craft Carnival, right here in Miami. It was a great experience!

3. Get myself a Mac--this was my bday gift to myself! 
This was last year's birthday gift to myself a new iMac. My Mac rocks and I'm so happy to have her!

4. Update my ipod to sync with my MacBook
I finally synced my music in January. I know it took me long enough.

5. Make myself 6 items of clothing to wear
This is one that will definitely make it onto next year's list. I want to start making myself more clothes, I just have to set my mind to it and get it done. I ended up making:
my Halloween costume (a skirt and cape... which is technically 2 pieces, LOL)

and this cute dress

6. Get a man mannequin
I'm not really concentrating on shows right now, so this is something that can wait. I might be changing my store's direction too, which might make this obsolete. But you never know, so we'll see how it goes.

7. Have nice pics taken of me for the website/business stuff
In February, I went to a pinup pictures event that was held in Ft. Lauderdale and had some pics taken.

8. Learn to make my own patterns from grandma
I have to get on this one soon. I want to be able to see something and whip up a pattern. I don't want to have to wait for a pattern sale at JoAnn's

9. Incorporate one of my businesses (probably Handmade Miami)
Right now, this isn't the right time for us to do this.

10. Learn to give myself a decent mani on my left and right hands
I can at least paint on a decent light color on without it looking like a disaster. But I recently found a new nail salon in the area, and I'm loving that they get the color perfect for me. (I am adding some topcoat every few days to make the mani last!).

11. Blog more regularly (about once or twice a week)
I try to at least post twice weekly on here if not more. I have lots of ideas that you'll be seeing on the blog soon too. I'm really loving writing on here. I'm not sure how many people actually read, but I love having somewhere to share my stuff.

12. Get a massage
I always take full advantage of the free massages at work. ;) I'm hoping to schedule a full massage soon, probably in July after the craziness from work and life in June is over.

13. Learn some French
Bonjour madmoiselle... Je voudrais... Un fourchette en plastique...
I'm not where I'd like to be before the trip yet, but I'll be practicing.

14. Get a new tattoo
I finally got the new tattoo I'd been wanting in April. I got the word dream on my left wrist. I love how it came out.

15. Learn to take better pics
This is in process. With the combination of getting pics for the blog, getting Instagram and borrowing Mom's DSLR for a few weeks, I think my pictures are steadily improving. I hope to get better and better.

16. Karaoke
No yet... But I'm hoping to find a place to go soon.

17. Go to a museum (thanks for this one Kerry)
Another not yet :( But I know once I get to Paris, I'll be museum hopping.

18. Get a pair of awesome beautiful shoes that go with everything
I'm currently on the hunt for an awesome pair of super comfy flats. The hunt continues.

19. Get back into being green like I was before (no more plastic bags!!)
I'm doing my best to take my bags with me. I take them to do groceries on the weekends. I made this bag, that I can tuck into my purse, and it's helping me be green more of the time too.

20. Get my toes in the Atlantic & the Gulf this year

This one is only half done. I got my toes in the Atlantic this year.

21. Throw a big, pretty, themed party (something is already in the plans… ;) )
I threw Mom an awesome Beatles inspired 60th birthday party. I had a great time putting it together and more importantly Mom loved it.

22. Send out my designed by Diana newsletter monthly
This didn't happen. I'm a slacker and also I have no idea what to write in the newsletter. Any ideas would be appreciated.

23. Create something totally new for the shop
I made headbands for the designed by Diana store that debuted at Odd Duck in April.

24. Finish reading the Harry Potter books (I’m on #4)
I'm still on Harry Potter #4. But I did get hooked on the Hunger Games and read all 3 of those.

25. Go country line dancing again (I haven't since college)
This hasn't happened yet.

26. Go to the keys
I will make it down there one of these days.

27. Make new curtains for my sewing room

I actually have something bigger than just curtains in store for my craft room. I think a full makeover may be coming.

28. Go to a concert 
 While I was in Vegas in April, we went to see Elton John. Man can he put on a great show.

29. Go to EPCOT
I did go to EPCOT with Meli in December. It was a blast, though it got cold the day we went to the park!

30. Make pie crust from scratch.
I didn't make pie crust from scratch. but this year I did learn to make cake frosting from scratch.

31. Vote in all of the elections for my district (not just the big ones)
Since I'm an absentee voter, I voted in the primaries earlier this year. I have no party affiliation, so that meant, I voted for the other measures, not the primary.

32. Try macaroons
Another thing that I'm sure I'll be doing in Paris.

So I completed 17 of them and partially completed 2 of them. Not too shabby I think. Let's see what I can dream up for this year.

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